Red Carpet Open Air Booth - 

  • Designed to easily fit larger groups of people
  • Offers extra entertainment of people watching your guests pose and having fun in the booth
  • Allows for a faster flow of guests leaving the possibility for the booth being used more.
  • The Red Carpet and glamorous uplite backdrop gives the booth a Hollywood style feel.
  • The open air layout allows for lots of fun and sneaky photo-bombers 

Only The Best Technology Inside

  • A professional, digital SLR camera to take the photos.  
  • A high quality touch screen monitor  -  Clear, live playback view so you can see how you look as the screen counts down for your next shot.
  • We offer custom graphics on the photostrips  -  Our in house graphic designer (me)  makes each event unique to you, your theme and your event. 
  • We didn’t skimp on the sub-dye printer which provides two high quality 2”x6” prints.  -  Prints in less than 10 seconds after  you hit print.  -  No drying time.  You can touch the photos immediately -  Offers your guest’s choice of black and white or color prints

Modern looking, with a metal frame and glowing body, yet still classy, with the simple black and white look that could match any wedding,  or party theme.  We’ve got a ton of props, which of course naturally leads to the funniest poses and best memories!

On top of all that, we have a high quality booth that is also compactible and light weight. This means we can bring it through doorways or smaller spaces to get it to your designated room.

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